Back story of our chef

Chef Ricardo and his younger self in the kitchen.

We would like to introduce you all to Ricardo Niels. The face behind every delicious plate here at Bogart’s Aruba. Read further for a bit of back story on his amazing journey that lead him to us!

Chef Ricardo has over 20 years of experience and he has worked in more than 5 different countries, from Hong Kong all the way to St. Maarten. Chef Ricardo has for sure left his mark in every kitchen he has stepped in, with his amazing abilities and artistic way of approaching the culinary arts.

Since really young chef Ricardo has always been in the kitchen. His dad, also a chef, introduced him to the culinary arts. ¬†Without any hesitation chef Ricardo fell in love with his dad’s passion and decided to also follow his dreams.

Since then, as mentioned before, chef Ricardo has worked all around the world! To just mention a few: South Afrika, Honk Kong, St. Maarten, Curacao, and those are just a few. Chef Ricardo has captured experiences all over the world and now he is ready to implement his knowledge and expertise with us at Bogart’s Aruba!

With a lot of love and passion chef Ricardo put together an amazing menu that all of our clients will be able to enjoy. We have vegetarian, vegan and pesceterian meals perfect for everyone!